Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA





On November 15th, 2003 in Greenville, South Carolina, USA Stephen Thompson and Kevin Engel of St. Louis Missouri, USA
met for what would be one of the toughest fights of Thompson's career.
The two would fight for the fourth IKF Amateur World title ever fought for.
On the line was the vacant IKF Amateur FCR Light Cruiserweight World Title.
Below are pictures of the bout both before and after.

"Walking The Walk!"
Thompson on his way to his
IKF Amateur World Title Bout Vs Engel

There was no doubting Engel's confidence level
as he made his way to the ring that night.

Thompson lands a side kick on Engel.

Engel just misses with his own.

Thompson Left Vs Engel Right.

Engel Left Thompson Right.

Thompson on the charge.

Thompson on the charge.

Elgel Left Thompson Right.

Engel takes Thompson to the ropes.

Thompson put Engel down in round 3, but Engel stood back up (Below) to finish the round and the fight.
To this day, many think Engel has given Thompson the best challenge he has ever faced, including his pro competition.

Engel Beats The Count

In the end, there was no question who won.
Thompson takes the vacant IKF Amateur FCR Light Cruiserweight World Title
over Engel by unanimous decision, 50-42, 50-42 and 49-45.
For the whole story about this bout CLICK HERE
The fight was later televised as a feature presentation on the IKF TV Show - Show 13
Thompson retired his amateur title when he turned pro on May 15th, 2004

IKF Amateur World Champion
Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson

Thompson's dad Ray is Always in his corner,
In and out of the ring.

In every fight Thompson has fought in
He has always has time for his fans
No matter how young or old.


On January 14th, 2004 Thompson was brought before the South Carolina State House of Representatives
by Representative Garry Smith to recognize Stephen for his accomplishments in the Martial Arts
in particular the sport on kickboxing. Stephen was also recognized in the Senate by
State Senator David Thomas.
Pictured L-R: Kacy Lyons (Student), Garry Smith (South Carolina State House of Representatives)
Stephen, his mother Gloria and his father, Ray Thompson.
To read the article about this CLICK HERE and go to the WEDNESDAY, January 14th, 2004 headline
The "Wonderboy" Recognized

Thompson won the IKF National Amateur Tournament
3 times and the IKF North American Title too.

with one of his first IKF Titles.

After winning the IKF Nationals 3 straight times,
Thompson and his father Ray have volunteered to help make the a success every year.

Showing his Skills during a Press Conference in 2003
With his father/trainer Ray Thompson.
More of the same at right.

Showing his Skills during a Press Conference in 2003.

Training To Be A Winner!

A Champion is made.

Champions seem to attract each other.
L-R: Multi time IKF Champion Peyton Russell, IKF World Ambassador Brooks Mason and Stephen

Hope to see you soon, and Thank You all...
__________________________________The Wonderboy!

  • Thompson retired as an amateur fighter in May of 2004 with a record of 37 wins and 0 losses with 18 KO/TKO's. As an Amateur Kickboxer he won 16 Amateur Titles (6 of them with the IKF).
    They included...

    • 2000 IKF South East Light Middleweight Champion
      • Defeated Ruben Lopez of Atlanta Georgia, USA BY TKO at 1:24 of round 2 on March 16th, 2002 in Augusta, Georgia, USA.

    • 2000 IKF National Tournament Middleweight Champion
      • Defeated Peyton Russell by unanimous decision, 30-23, 30-24, 30-24 on September 3rd, 2000 in Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA.

    • 2001 IKF National Tournament Light Heavyweight Champion
      • Defeated Vilavahn Seukpanya by TKO at :14 seconds into the first round on September 9th in Olathe, Kansas, USA.
        It was the only strike thrown in the bout and set a new record for quickest win by KO/TKO.
        The kick broke Seukpanya's arm.

    • 2002 IKF National Tournament Light Heavyweight Champion
      • Defeated John Scanlon by TKO at :44 seconds of round 1 on August 4th in Davenport, Iowa, USA

    • 2002 IKF North American Tournament Light Cruiserweight Champion
      • Defeated Bill Jardine at 1:26 of round 4 for the title and giving Jardine his first loss on November 16th, 2002 in Greenville, South Carolina, USA.

    • 2003 IKF Light Cruiserweight World Champion
      • Defeated Kevin Engle of St. Louis Missouri, USA by unanimous decision, 50-42, 50-42 and 49-45 on November 15th, 2003 IN Greenville, South Carolina, USA.

    • 1999 ISKA Georgia State Middleweight Amateur Champion
    • 2000 ISKA Southeast Middleweight Amateur Champion
    • 2000 PKC National Light Middleweight Amateur Champion
    • 2000 USAKBF North American Middleweight Amateur Champion
    • 2001 PKC National Light Heavyweight Amateur Champion
    • 2001 USAKBF World Light Heavyweight Amateur Champion
    • 2001 WPKA World Light Heavyweight Amateur Champion
    • 2003 U.S. National Martial Arts Team World Cup Light Heavyweight Champion
    • 2003 KICK North American Cruiserweight Champion
    • 2003 I.A.K.S.A. World Champion
    • 2005 WAKO Am/Pro World Tournament Champion
      • 1 State Title
      • 2 Regional Titles
      • 6 National Titles
      • 3 North American Titles
      • 4 Amateur World Titles from 4 different Organizations.

To book Stephen Thompson for bouts or appearances, please contact his trainer,
Ray Thompson at (864) 967-3930, (864) 505-4237 or by e-mail at
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