WEDNESDAY, October 14th, 1998, AT 3:00 PM

DRAKA & San Shou Sensation
Cung Le Wins By KO!

The IKF would like to congratulate top IKF San Shou Martial Arts Fighter and DRAKA Sensation, Cung Le of San Jose, CA, USA on his recent victory over Dan Garrett of Pasadena, Maryland, USA. The bout was held in San Jose and promoted by Scott Coker on Saturday night, October 10th. Le was in control of the entire bout with exciting throws and takedowns, showing great kickboxing skills as well as landing several devastating legs kicks and punches on Garrett. Le knocked Garrett out at :20 seconds of the third round. Cung Le is making the fighting style of San Shou a worldwide favorite from his exciting DRAKA performances where he has yet to lose.

To assure true San Shou credibility, IKF Cofounder and head of IKF World Officials Dan Stell of Fairfield, CA, USA was the official San Shou bout referee. Stell is also a top DRAKA official with Marcos Rosalas of Bakersfield, CA, USA. IKF San Shou President Tat-Mau Wong of San Francisco, CA, USA (Also a past San Shou Champion) assured the TV commentary would be accurate to the San Shou rules as he handled the TV fight color commentary. The event will later air on ESPN 2. We look forward to Le's next bout which will probably be on the next DRAKA event. The date of that show has yet to be announced. Martial art celebrities at the event included, Ernie Reyes Jr. & Ernie Reyes Sr. Past World Kickboxing Champions, Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Peter "Sugarfoot" Cunningham were also present. To contact Cung Le, click HERE!

There is a possibility Cung Le may fight an IKF San Shou Title Bout on the undercard of the IKF Sanctioned Don Wilson comeback bout on March 27th, 1999. Wilson is confirmed to face Dick Kimber of Lynn, Massachusetts, USA (48-2 with 46 KO's) for the IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Cruiserweight World Title. The bout will air "LIVE" on PPV cable TV. For details about the Kimber-Wilson bout, click HERE!

FRIDAY, October 2nd, 1998, AT 2:00 PM

Cung Le

It's not often you find such a fighter and person as Martial Artist, Cung Le. You will see the IKF promote this great fighter as much as possible. Now DRAKA and San Shou sensation Cung Le has a web site that his students have formed. It's new and still being built, but worth putting on your "Favorites" list so you can keep up with the latest on this Great Fighter, Martial Artist and Person. He is truly a man of honor! To check it out, click HERE! Look forward to seeing more of Mr. Le on the next DRAKA event coming soon. We will inform you of the date when we know it soon.

Mr. Le is scheduled to fight again October 10th at the San Jose Civic Auditorium in San Jose, CA, USA. The event will be promoted by Scott Coker's West Coast Productions and Tony Thompson. For ticket info, call 408-998-BASS. For other info, contact Mr. Coker at (408) 371-8122 and tell him hello from the IKF.

SATURDAY, September 26th, 1998, AT 10:00 PM

Los Angeles, September 25th, 1998

Steele & Le Win By KO'S!!!

Friday night, September 25th in Los Angeles, CA, USA, 12 fighters from around the world met in DRAKA VI . The event was held at the Grand Olympic Auditorium and now, DRAKA VI is DRAKA History. In the DRAKA books, it will go down as one of the most exciting events ever! It seems each DRAKA event just gets better and better. The event was broadcast LIVE on Viewers Choice, USSB & TVN. Although the venue crowd was small, the cable PPV numbers were big and assured DRAKA'S successful future.

  1. The night started with Djanbulat Amantaeve of Kyrghzstan faced off against Chit Chen Chai Phooprasong of Thailand. in the end, Amantaeve won by unanimous decision, 8.5-3.5, 9.5-3.5 & 7.5-4.5. Amantaeve retained his DRAKA Super Lightweight World Title improving to 24-2-1 with 14 KO's while Phooprasong dropped to 20-7 with 8 KO's.

  2. In bout 2, USA Muay Thai favorite and IKF World Champion, Danny Steele of Hawaii, via Los Angeles, USA faced Satybek Isakeev of Kyrghzstan in a rematch from DRAKA V. Steele KOed Isakeev in that bout and planned to do the same in this one. Isakeev scored in the first 3 rounds by points but wasn't hurting Steele with anything. Finally in round 4, Steele picked up the pace and with one strong shin kick that met Isakeev's shin head on, Steele broke Isakeev's leg and referee Marcos Rosalas Jr. stopped the bout at 1:15 of round 4. Once at the hospital it was discovered that Steele had also broken Isakeev's forearm when Isakeev tried to block one of Steele's kicks. Steele retained his DRAKA Lightweight Intercontinental Title improving to 33-5-2 with 26 KO's while Isakeev dropped to 19-5-1 with 12 KO's.

  3. Bout 3 featured Manu Sitsifu of France against DRAKA Light Cruiserweight Champion Ramazan Ramazanov of Russia. This bout was a war until the bell sounded to start the 10th round. Ramazanov's corner informed referee Nelson Hamilton that Ramazan couldn't continue due to an injury and the bout was stopped. Sitsifu took the DRAKA World Light Heavyweight Title from Ramazanov by TKO improving to 69-6-5 with 43 KO's while Ramazanov dropped to 27-4-1 with 19 KO's.

  4. In bout 4, Dmitry Tykalov of Russia faced thai fighter Phithak Praphangkham of Thailand. This bout was another war of the night as each fighter went back and forth. Tykalov kept landing blows but it seemed Praphangkham took everything he threw with no pain. Praphangkham begin to really hurt Tykalov's leg with a massive leg kick attack as the rounds wore on. In the end, Tykalov was ahead on DRAKA points despite being in obvious pain from Praphangkham's leg kicks. Tykalov won the unanimous decision 8-4, 8-4 & 6.5-5.5 retaining his DRAKA World Super Middleweight title and improving to 13-0-1 with 9 KO's while Praphangkham fell to 19-5 with 12 KO's.

  5. In the bout that everyone seemed to be waiting for, DRAKA Celebrity Cung Le of San Jose, CA, USA faced off against Japan great, Taro Ninato. Le came out strong and quick scoring fast with hands, feet and of course, the famous Cung Le throwing techniques. Suddenly Le threw a high head kick that nailed Ninato in the temple and he dropped to the canvas. Motionless, referee Danny Stell stopped the bout at :52 seconds of the first round. Le delighted the crowd by adding his patent back flip for the win. Le improved his "Pro" fight record to 3-0 with 2 KO's while Taro dropped to 29-12-4. Le is a 4 time World Amateur San Shou Champion, winning in 1994, 95, 96 & 97 along with being a 1998 Shidokan Champion as well. Sadly enough, this bout wasn't for any DRAKA title but we are sure Le will be fighting for one soon. Le is a true champion in and out of the ring and has the talent to become anything he wants. Whether DRAKA champion or even the next big Martial Arts Movie STAR. Yes, MOVIE STAR! He's well spoken, respectful and has the martial arts honor and obviously, the build movie producers are looking for! With his talent, don't be surprised if you see him on the big screen soon. Movie producers, don't miss the boat on this one! Cung Le "IS THE MAN!"

  6. The final bout of the wasn't shown on the PPV but never the less, as usual, Malik Borbashev of Kyrghyzstan put on a show for the crowd. However, thai fighter Coban Lookchaomaesaithong of Thailand, via San Diego, CA, USA wasn't going away easy. Only a few years ago, Coban was one of the GREATEST thai fighters in the world. However, he's been in a lot of hard muay thai wars over his years and they have taken their tole. Keep in mind, 10 great Muay Thai wars can be as damaging to ones body as 50 full contact (above the waist) fights or 75 boxing matches. With over 60+ muay thai bouts (at least, this is what is on record, who knows truly how many) Coban we need to say is near the end of his honorable career. Borbashev seemed to land punch after punch at will to Coban's face and although Coban didn't seem to feel any pain, the blows were hard enough to make referee Marcos Rosalas Jr. ask the doctor to the ring to check Coban out at the end of round 5. OKed to continue, Coban came out strong in round 6, but the energy seemed to drain him. Coban knows his own limits by now and like Julio Cesar Chavez did recently against Oscar DeLaHoya, Coban informed referee Rosalas from his corner stool that he was unable to continue before the 7th round would start. Coban, like Julio Cesar Chavez in boxing, has given us all many great wars to watch. He is a true Muay Thai warrior but we feel it is his time to pass on his talents to his students. Whether he ever fight again or not, "He will always be remembered as one of the WORLDS BEST, Muay Thai Warriors!"

The event also featured 2 GREAT Russian Youth Fighting Exhibition consisting of Russian children ages 12-15 years old. The next DRAKA event has yet to be announced but we will keep you posted. As always, DRAKA Founder and President Igor Ejov and DRAKA Executive Vice President Marina Rodionovawere gracious and honorable hosts to everyone. We here at the IKF will continue to assist them in any way we can to help make their events successful. The DRAKA organization has proven once again that they are honorable people working as a GREAT TEAM to offer fighters more in todays fight game.

We Wish Them Continued Success!

Ringside Products once again proved their dedication to being NUMBER 1 in kickboxing equipment along with already being #1 in boxing. All the fighters used Ringside Pro Fight Gloves. For info or a catalog from Ringside, call 1-800-KARATE 1. For more DRAKA info, you can contact the DRAKA Headquarters at (619) 546-4325. Replays of the event will be on Viewers Choice, USSB & TVN on: Saturday, September 26, 1998, 12:00 am Monday, September 28, 1998, 8:00 pm Wednesday, September 30, 1998, 11:00 pm (All times Eastern)

FRIDAY, June 5th, 1998, AT 3:00 AM

May 24th, 1998 RESULTS

Photo Credit to www.KICK24.info - Michael Deubner

Photo added August 28th, 2012

For those of you who want the news NOW! Well here it is. We stayed up late after our return from Los Angeles' Grand Olympic Auditorium and DRAKA V to post the results for you DRAKA fans. DRAKA V was as each DRAKA has been so far, better than the last. The event featured 8 great bouts including a special EXHIBITION bout between DRAKA World Heavyweight Champion Jim Mullen and Don "The Dragon" Wilson (Right) Wilson will make his actual fighting comeback in a real bout scheduled for sometime in August in Russia.

The most exciting fighter of the night was without a doubt, Kung Fu fighter, Cung Le of San Jose, CA, USA. Le threw his opponent over and over again, more than a dozen times in the 5 round undercard bout. When it was all done, it was obvious, Le won the bout by Unanimous Decision. However he did find himself in trouble when he took a few shots on the chin. A little work with his boxing skills such as keeping his chin down will help him advance in DRAKA rather easily.

Knowing Le is from San Jose, CA, USA , he should look up veteran trainer and past World Kickboxing Champion,Javiar Mendez of San Jose, CA, USA who seemed to help out Jean-Claude Leuyer's boxing skills for his DRAKA bout very greatly along with the great training of the Fairtex Camp. With a little help, we think Le will soon become a DRAKA World Champion. That is, if we have anything to say about it. From body slams, hip throws to full jumping leg scissors, Le was clearly the crowd favorite. If he fights in the next DRAKA, you don't want to miss him!

Although the Super Heavyweight bout was exciting between Maurice Smith and Jean-Claude Leuyer, there was only 1 takedown in the entire 12 rounds which made it basically a leg kick bout. But even though there was just the 1 takedown, these 2 can throw some heat with their hands and feet and they didn't disappoint the crowd at all. Each had the other stunned several times bringing the crowd to their feet. Smith hurt his right arm in the bout while Leuyer suffered a cut over his right eye. The bout ended in a Majority Draw.

Veteran DRAKA Fighter Danny Steele found his way back to the winners circle again with a devistating head kick Knockout of his opponent.

All the fighters fought with RINGSIDE INC. Pro Fight Gloves, courtesy of Joe Taylor and RINGSIDE INC. of Kansas, USA (913) 888-1719. RINGSIDE INC. now sponsors IKF associated events so the gloves were provided for FREE. Thanks Joe & RINGSIDE INC.!

The bout results are listed below. The next DRAKA is tentatively planned for July 19th. The actual location has yet to be determined. Look for more fight details later in the week.


  1. DRAKA Intercontinental Lightweight Title Bout
    Danny Steele, 136 lbs, USA,
    Defeated Satvbek Isakeev, 135 lbs, Kyrghyzstan by KNOCKOUT at :04 seconds of Round 4.

  2. DRAKA World Junior Super Middleweight Title Bout
    Malik Borbashev, 163 lbs, Kyrghyzstan
    defeated Coban Lookchaomaesaithong, Thailand by Unanimous Decision, 9-3, 7-5 & 7-5.

    "Not a Real Fight". Jim Mullen, 198 lbs, USA,
    vs Don Wilson, 192 lbs, USA,

  4. DRAKA World Super Heavyweight Title Bout
    Maurice Smith, 218 lbs, USA,
    vs Jean-Claude Leuyer, 227 lbs USA,
    This bout was scored a Majority DRAW. 2 Judges scored it 6 rounds to 6 while 1 judge scored it 7 rounds to 5, Leuyer.

  5. DRAKA World Super Middleweight Title Bout
    Dmitry Tyukalov, 165 lbs, Russia
    defeated Hitoshi Ogasawara, 164 lbs, Japan, by Knockout at :32 seconds of round 3.

  6. DRAKA World Super Light Heavyweight Title Bout
    Ramazan Ramazanov, 180 lbs, Russia
    defeated Manu Sitsifu, 175 lbs, France by Unanimous Decision, 5.5 - 6.5, 7.5 - 4.5 & 9-4.

  7. DRAKA Super Light Heavyweight Division - (Fight PhotoS At Right and Below)
    Cung Le, 181 lbs, USA,
    defeated Gaik Israelyan, 177 lbs, Armenia by Unanimous Decision.

  8. DRAKA World Super Lightweight Title Bout
    Djanbulat Amantaev, 140 lbs, Kyrghyzstan
    defeated Takeshi Imai, 138 lbs, Japan by Knockout at :49 seconds of round 3.

Jim Mullen and Don "The Dragon" Wilson

Gaik Israelyan VS Cung Le

Cung Le VS Gaik Israelyan

Cung Le VS Gaik Israelyan

Cung Le (throwing) Gaik Israelyan As CSAC Referee Dan Stell Looks On.

Don "The Dragon" Wilson coming out of his corner for the "Exhibition" bout against Jim Mullen

MONDAY, March 30th, 1998, 8:00 AM

Another GREAT Success!

DRAKA was featured once again at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood/Los Angeles CA, USA on Sunday night, March 22nd. MC/Ring announcer for the night was IKF President Steve Fossum. While Fossum handled the live audience, Kickboxing great and movie star Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Phil Stone handled the commentating to the pay preview cable audience. Although the bouts were re-matches, ALL 6 bouts were much more exciting than the January event. This event was dedicated in memory of Kickboxing Champion Redone Bougara who died a couple of days after his January 3rd bout due to head injuries (Scroll down to see full story below) "Draka is a combination of several sports including boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and various forms of martial arts." Here are the bout results...

  1. DRAKA Intercontinental Super Light Heavyweight Title
    Ramazan Ramazanov, Russia
    defeated Sean McCully, USA by a Unanimous Decision
    Judge Nelson Hamilton scored it 6 to 4 and judges Cecil Peoples and Abe Belardo both scored it 7 to 3

  2. DRAKA Intercontinental Super Lightweight Title
    Djanbulat Amantaev, Kyrghyzstan
    defeated Danny Steele, USA in a very questionable Split Decision.
    Judge Nelson Hamilton scored it 5.5 to 4.5, Amantaev. Judge Marcos Rosalas scored it 7 to 3, Amantaev and judge Abe Belardo scored it 5.5 to 4.5, Steele.

  3. DRAKA Intercontinental Super Middleweight Title
    Dmitry Tyukalov, Russia
    defeated Mike Winklejon, USA at 1:14 4th round by TKO when Winklejohn suffered a cut above his left eye.

  4. DRAKA World Heavyweight Title
    Jim Mullen, USA, successfully defended his World title as he
    defeated Zagir Gaidarbekov, Russia, at 1:17 of the 2nd round by KO when Mullen landed a chin kick to Gaidarbekov's head.

  5. DRAKA Intercontinental Light Middleweight Title
    Arsen Khachatryan, Armenia
    defeated Amir Shafipour, Iran by Unanimous Decision.
    Judge Nelson Hamilton scored it 7.5 to 2.5. Judge Cecil Peoples scored it 9 to 1 and judge Abe Belardo scored it 8 to 2. This was a GREAT FIGHT!!!

  6. DRAKA Intercontinental Light Middleweight Title
    Satybek Isakeev, Kyrghyzstan,
    defeated Hector Pena, USA by Disqualification after Pena punched Isakeev while he was on one knee on the ring canvas.
    Isakeev was ahead on all the score cards and was fighting the bout 5 lbs less than Pena since Pena didn't make his required weight. But Pena looked as if he had a sure knockout win as he hurt Isakeev badly with several combinations. However, after a series of blows, Isakeev fell to one knee and Pena, in the excitement of the moment, didn't realize Isakeev was down and punched him 1 more time in the head knocking Isakeev out. Isakeev was too dazed to continue and Pena was disqualified by referee Marcos Rosalas.

The next DRAKA event is scheduled for May 24th somewhere in LA once again (Not at the Forum though, another event is booked there on May 24th) or at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada, USA. This event will feature Kickboxing World champion and UFC Champion, Maurice Smith against Jean-Claude Leuyer and Don "The Dragon" Wilson will make his way from the commentating table to the ring as he takes on an opponent yet to be named. Great job DRAKA for another GREAT event!

P.S. The after hours party was also GREAT! Not only was the food great but IKF fighter Billy Olsen proved to be a lot more than a kickboxing fan or fighter. Olsen is without a doubt one of the few individuals we have ever met that has an extremely detailed amount of factual kickboxing knowledge within him. Listing dates, names and full facts, he dazzled us with his memory of kickboxing history. Although he's not quite equal to the knowledge of history & facts that Canada's Muay Thai King Mike Miles can produce at a sitting, Billy runs a close second. Thanks Billy. We were HONESTLY IMPRESSED!

Past World Kickboxing Champion & Movie Star Don "The Dragon" Wilson will make his kickboxing exhibition debut in the next DRAKA event May 24th in Los Angeles...

THURSDAY, January 8th, 1998 4:00 PM

Redone Bougara's Death

Second Impact Syndrome

Malik Borbashev, 22-3-1, 15 KO's, of Kyrghyzstan won by TKO over Redone Bougara, 28-6-1, 11 KO's, from France in round 11 when referee Cecil Peoples stepped in and stopped the bout. Borbashev won the DRAKA World Super Middleweight Title.

After the bout, Bougara fell to the floor in the dressing room and went into a coma. He was quickly rushed to Daniel Freeman Hospital where a KAT scan revealed a massive hematoma (severe bleeding in the brain). Bougara died, Monday afternoon at 3:49 pm at Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital in Inglewood, CA from his head injuries.

According to a hospital spokesperson, the 25-year-old France native suffered "closed head trauma" during his DRAKA rematch with Malik Borbashev. It was the 35th professional bout for Bougara living in Culver City, CA USA.

His record of 28-6-1, included 11 KOs and an array of championship belts, including French and European Muay Thai titles, as well as winning three French full-contact titles. This clash with Borbashev was the third consecutive meeting between the two fighters.

So WHAT lead up to his death? As the saying goes,
"fighters don't die in the ring."
What they usually suffer from was a "Previous" injury, weeks, months, even years before their final bout.
In Bougara's case, it was clear what lead up to his death:

  • On September 6th, 1997, Borbashev scored a 10 round decision win over Bougara.

  • On October 18th, 1997, Bougara was KO'd in the first round.
    Under California State Athletic Commission rules, Bougara was placed under a mandatory 45-day suspension after being knocked out by Borbashev on October 18th.

  • However, while under suspension, Borgara fought in an "Unsanctioned - Non Regulated" kickboxing event in Friant, CA, at Table Mountain Casino in November, 1997, promoted by B-Jon Soukhaphivong.
    In this bout, he was KO'ed again by well known Muay Thai fighter, Coban Lookchaomaesaithon in the second round.
    This was NOT the fault of the California State Athletic Commission because they knew nothing about the event. Often Promoters will escape the Commissions regulations by hosting events on NativeAmerican Land, in this case, the tribal land of Table Mountain Casino. So, because B-Jon Soukhaphivong was trying to "Skip" the rules and regulations oc the CSAC (In this case - Health and Safety) - CSAC officials were never aware of the "Unsanctioned - Non Regulated" kickboxing event, and would not have reinstated Bougara's license prior to his final DRAKA bout "IF" had they known of his involvement, let alone the outcome.

  • In addition, on Bougara'a athletic commission license for 1998, he failed to admit he had just been knocked out 35 days earlier at the Table Mountain event.
    • In addition, what were his own trainers thinking?
      How could his own trainers let him fight knowing what had happened the last 60 days?
    • That's just it, NO ONE, even Bougara didn't tell the California State Athletic Commission about his last several bouts.
    • To add, what was the Table Mountain promoter B-Jon Soukhaphivong's thinking knowing he was just knocked out on October 18th to book him on a fight less than 45 days later? That's just it... HE WASN'T...

  • So Who's to blame for such a senseless death?
    • Not the California State Athletic Commission. They followed their own rules directly by the book.
    • Not the Table Mountain Casino. They hired a promoter to do a job, not put a fighters health in jeopardy.
    • Not the DRAKA promoters. They knew nothing of the Table Mountain knockout.
    • Not the Sport of DRAKA. The potential for injury in DRAKA is really no different than regular kickboxing or boxing.
    • Not the sport of Kickboxing. Again, it's no different in a sense than Boxing. Blows to the head as well. And don't use the excuse of getting kicked to the head. Bougara was hit with punches on his knockouts, not kicks.
    • Although many in the media will make DRAKA or Kickboxing out to be a violent sport and make it sound like even a "KILLER" sport.

However, it's sad to admit that the simple truth here is human error by Bougara himself and his trainers for allowing him to do so. He felt he could have fought despite the fact that the real injury to his brain probably occurred 2 months earlier and the last two KO's simply added to the damage. This is why there is a "Minimum" of a 45 day MANDATORY waiting period (Sometimes Longer) after a knockout in Boxing and Kickboxing. Especially a knockout caused by a blow to the head. Let this be a lesson to all trainers, fighters and promoters that may choose to ignore such logical rules instated to SAVE a fighters life. Let us all learn from this that some rules ARE NOT meant to be broken!

Our hearts go out to Bougara, his family and friends. This was a death that should have never happened. But than again, no death happens at the right time.

Rest in Peace Mr Bougara... You will be remembered as a CHAMPION...

Second Impact Syndrome


Redone Bougara
Click Here.


DRAKA President & Founder: Igor Ejov
DRAKA Executive Vice President & Founder: Marina Rodionova

4370 La Jolla Village Drive, Suite 400, San Diego, CA, 92122, USA - Tel: (619) 546-4325 FAX: (619) 453-2839


The DRAKA TEAM, L-R: Blinkie Rodriguez, Commentator. Phil Stone, Commentator. Don Wilson, Commentator, Cecil Peoples, DRAKA & IKF Judge & Referee. Marcos Rosalas, DRAKA & IKF Judge & Referee, Marina Rodionova, DRAKA Executive Vice President & DRAKA Founder. Igor Ejov, DRAKA President and DRAKA Founder. Magomedamin Gadjiev, WWDF Head Referee, Dan Stell, DRAKA & IKF Judge & Referee & IKF Head of Officials. Steve Fossum, DRAKA Ring Announcer & IKF President. Doc Hamilton, Judge & Referee. Tigran Avetissyan, WWDF Commerce Director. Abe Belardo, DRAKA & IKF Judge and Alec Dolmatov, WWDF Chief Assistant are not in this picture but Very Important parts of the DRAKA TEAM...
They must already be at the after hours party...


Igor Ejov founded DRAKA in 1992, after coming to the U.S. from the former Soviet Union.

DRAKA is a free sparring combination of Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Judo & various martial arts. Throws & takedowns are permitted, but there is no fighting on the ground.

•The first DRAKA event in America was held in 1992 in association with World Wide Kickboxing Promotions and was titled "USA vs. Russia". The only American to win at this event was IKF World Champion, Juan "The Ghost Warrior" Torres.

DRAKA was licensed by the California State Athletic Commission as a professional sport and World Wide DRAKA Federation was issued a promoter's license in March of 1997.

•Due to the popular demand, DRAKA fights took place at the Great Western Forum on September 6, October 18 of 1997, January 3 of 1998 and on March 22, 1998.

•Athletes from 61 countries throughout the world are currently active in DRAKA fighting.

•As its popularity grows, more Americans are becoming active in the DRAKA style of fighting.

The World Wide DRAKA Federation anticipates promoting several additional DRAKA events throughout the year in other major cities othar than Los Angeles.

•Forthcoming DRAKA events are scheduled for May 24, July 19, Sept. & November 1998.


Last Updated, October 18th, 1998

Atomweight: 117 & Below All Rankings Vacant

Flyweight: 117.1-120 lbs. All Rankings Vacant

Bantomweight: 120.1-124 lbs. All Rankings Vacant

Featherweight: 124.1 lbs. - 128 lbs. All Rankings Vacant

Lightweight: 132 - 135 lbs. Intercontinental Champion: Satybek Isakeev


Satybek Isakeev Kyrghyzstan 19-5-1/12 3-3/2 134 24 Alexander Voinov Contact DRAKA


Hector Pena Los Angeles, CA, USA 42-3-2/34 1-1/0 134 29 Isus Pimentel Contact DRAKA


Bilam Nasradine Belgium N/A 0-1/0 134 N/A N/A Contact DRAKA


Salavat Dalgatov Russia N/A 0-1/0 134 N/A N/A Contact DRAKA

Super Lightweight: 135.1 lbs. - 140 lbs. World Champion: Djanbulat Amantaev

Intercontinental Champion: Danny Steele


Djanbulat Amantaev Kyrghyzstan 24-2-1/14 4-1 140 24 Alexander Voinov Contact DRAKA


Danny Steele Los Angeles, CA, USA 32-5-2/25 2-2 136 27 Billy Blanks Mr. Steele: (818) 705-6563


Takeshi Imai Japan 10-4-3/4 0-1 138 N/A N/A Contact DRAKA


Chit Chen Chi Phooprasong Thailand 20-7/8 0-1 138 N/A N/A Contact DRAKA

Welterweight: 140.1 lbs. - 147 lbs. All Titles Vacant


Juan Torres South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA 48-2/30 1-0 145 29 Self (530) 543-0752


Fernando Calleros Albq. New Mexico, USA N/A 0-2 141 24 Bill Packard (505) 292-8291


Ryan Jones Canada N/A 0-1/0 145 N/A N/A Contact DRAKA

Super Welterweight: 147.1 lbs. - 153 lbs. All Titles Vacant


Marcus Mangan Australia N/A 1-0/1 150 26 Robert Wilsmith Contact DRAKA


Leontiy Voronchuk Estonia N/A 0-1 150 N/A N/A Contact DRAKA

Light Middleweight: 153.1 lbs. - 159 lbs. Intercontinental Champion: Arsen Khachatryan


Arsen Khachatryan Armenia 19-4-0/11 4-0 157 23 Armen Vardanyan Contact DRAKA


Amir Shafipour Iran 41-11-2/21 1-2/1 159 N/A Tarrik Solak Contact DRAKA

Middleweight: 159.1 lbs. - 165 lbs. World Champion: Malik Borbashev


Malik Borbashev Kyrghyzstan 25-3-1/17 4-1/1 164 26 Alexander Voinov Contact DRAKA


Phithak Praphangkham Thailand 19-5/12 0-1 162 N/A N/A Contact DRAKA


Gaik Israelyan Armenia N/A 0-1/0 165 N/A N/A Contact DRAKA

Super Middleweight: 165.1 lbs. - 172 lbs. World Champion: Dimitry Tyukalov


Dimitry Tyukalov Russia 13-0-1/0 6-0/1 167 25 Nickolai Romanov Contact DRAKA


Mike Winkeljohn Albq. New Mexico, USA 21-10-3/11 0-3/0 167 33 Bill Packard (505) 292-8291


Hitoshi Ogasawara Japan 9-2/7 0-1/0 164 N/A N/A Contact DRAKA


Coban Lookchaomaesaithong Thailand, via San Diego, CA, USA 53-10/36 0-2 167 30 Puk Jamjuntr Contact DRAKA

Light Heavyweight 172.1 lbs. - 178 lbs. World Champion Manu Sitsifu


Manu Sitsifu France 69-6-5/43 1-1/0 177 N/A N/A Contact DRAKA


Ramazan Ramazanov Russia 27-3-1/19 3-0/1 180 31 Self Contact DRAKA


Ninato Taro Japan 29-12-4/-- 0-1 173 N/A N/A Contact DRAKA

Light Cruiserweight 178.1 lbs. - 186. lbs. All Titles Vacant


Cung Le San Jose, CA, USA PRO: 4-0/2 2-0/1 179 N/A Cung Le Martial Arts (408) 729-4468, Fax: (408) 729-4959 or: e-mail


Sean McCully USA 13-2-0/10 0-2 179 N/A Self Contact DRAKA

Cruiserweight 186.1 lbs. - 200 lbs. All Rankings Vacant

Heavyweight: 200.1 lbs. - 215 lbs. World Champion: Jim Mullen


Jim Mullen Semi Valley, CA, USA 18-1-0/12 3-0/1 200 29 Ruben Chavez (805) 527-9563


Don Wilson Los Angeles, CA, USA N/A 0-0 200 N/A N/A Contact DRAKA


Hiriwa TeRangi New Zeland N/A 0-1/0 195 N/A N/A Contact DRAKA


Zagir Gaidarbekov Russia 22-2-2/10 0-2 204 35 Bamat Gaidarbekov Contact DRAKA

Super Heavyweight: 215.1 lbs. & Up All Titles Vacant


Maurice Smith Seattle, Washington, USA 58-5-3/44 0-0-1 218 N/A M.S.Kickboxing (425) 861-5881


Jean-Claude Leuyer San Francisco, CA, USA 30-5-1/18 0-0-1 227 27 Fairtex (415) 512-7727



September 10, 1997

Waiting for the Excitement to Kick In
A Russian couple imports the sport of draka. Now, to get the public to notice.
September 10, 1997

It's Saturday night, and we're headed to a real-life rumble in Inglewood. Jackie Chan, watch out.

"Top athletes from around the world are training for the 1997 world championship of professional draka fighting," is what the announcement said.


Nobody we've talked to knows for sure what it is. Except the promoters, of course. They're Igor Ejov and his wife, Marina Radionova, both in their 30s and citizens of Russia. Igor presides over the World Wide Draka Federation, which was created by him, as was the sport itself. He bills it as the world's newest sport, a full-body-contact discipline that melds boxing, wrestling, kick-boxing, judo, karate, jiujitsu and other martial arts. In other words, you can take down your opponent with kicks, punches, body throws, headlocks or maybe just a ferocious face and a menacing "yeaaaahhhhh" while assuming a killer karate stance.

The Ejovs are so draka-happy that they have spent the past five years traveling between here and Mother Russia with their 10-year-old daughter, exhausting their energies (and perhaps their funds) to popularize this thing they love. For them, it is a profession, a passion, a future.

Igor, who does not speak English, graduated from sports college in Russia at 18 with a zest for martial arts. He began teaching and moved to Vladivostok, the city closest to China, to be near the place where martial arts began. Very soon, he began to create a form of free sparring that combined elements never before brought together in a sporting ring.

Marina, the glamorous, dark-haired daughter of a Russian military officer, was a language and dance student in Vladivostok when Igor recruited her to translate an article from Chinese to Russian for him. The rest is romantic history. Together, they've been perfecting, teaching and promoting draka ever since.

In 1987, Igor created a company in Russia to market the sport, with all that entails. "By then he had organized it into a formal discipline and was developing it on the professional level," Marina says. "It is his baby, his brainchild. He figured out all the elements of the sport and all the forms and the rules."

When government regulations eased and the Ejovs were allowed to travel, they made a quick trip to the United States to demonstrate draka (which means contest). The next year, 1992, they arranged the first draka competition ever held in the U.S.--in Irvine, of all places.

In March, when the California State Athletic Commission granted them a promoter's license, their draka dreams really took flight. They envision draka schools all over the U.S., huge televised draka contests, draka as an Olympic sport.

Tonight is a test for the entrepreneurial pair, who expect 8,000 draka fans to show up, paying as much as $90 per ticket.

But wait. We're here at the Forum. And something's wrong.

The parking lot looks like an air strip cleared for landing. A Forum employee says only a few hundred seats have been sold. A security guard says this is the smallest crowd for an event he's seen in years.

We seek out the Ejovs, but they are in no mood to chat.

Let the fights begin.

Draka-ists from Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Estonia, Chechnya, Australia, Simi Valley and Van Nuys are on a printed list, which does not seem to coincide with the names of fighters announced from the ring. Commentators for the event are Don "the Dragon" Wilson, Benny "the Jet" Urquidez and Blinky Rodriguez.

The gladiators come and go, arms and legs darting like serpents' tongues, feet gouging into faces and bodies flying into the ropes. Blood and sweat spray onto the royal blue carpet of the ring and even through the ropes, spattering judge Cecil Peoples' pale blue shirt with a Jackson Pollock pattern of red.

The judge, next to whom we are seated, calls for a copy of the rules. (You can win either by knocking out your opponent, or by points.) He says he never heard of draka until he got this gig. Likewise timekeeper Debbie Garcia, who says she too had to study up hastily. Igor and Marina watch the contests, stone-faced.

One fighter, Jimmy Mullen of Simi Valley, climbs into the ring and proceeds to have what he later informs us was "the time of his life." At 27 and 205 pounds, he is kick-boxing champion of North America, a title he won in Puerto Rico this year. "I never heard of draka until a month ago," he says. That's when Igor phoned and asked him to participate in the fun fest at the Forum.

The difference between kick-boxing and draka, Mullen says, is "when you're in a close clinch in draka, you can throw the person to the ground with a judo throw, or wrestle him to the floor with a double or single-leg takedown. You can use a judo headlock or hip throw."

What Mullen did to beat his opponent from New Zealand on Saturday night was "truly a wonderful thing. I devastated him by getting him in a bearhug from behind, then I picked him up" and threw him down. "It's called a souffle, and it had a tremendous impact on his neck and head." Mullen says the Ejovs paid him the highest purse he's ever won, and that draka definitely has the potential to be a big sport in the USA. "It's the most exciting thing I've done, the best time I've ever had."

In between the bouts, scantily clad ring girls try to rev up the crowd, which is heavily sprinkled with friends of the combatants, who yell the equivalent of "Kill 'em!" in Russian, Armenian, French and other tongues. It is a pretty wholesome crowd, all things considered, with plenty of little kids. There may be thousands of empty seats, but Marina and Igor are "more than satisfied" with their second draka extravaganza in the U.S. "By the final fight, 2,000 people had bought tickets and walked in," she says after the fights. "That is good for something so new. The Forum people say normal boxing attendance is only 1,500. So we are going forward with our plans for an Oct. 18 fight."

Draka, anyone?